Rental - 2021 John Deere 35G Excavator

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Product Description

"Standard Arm 4' 4""
Enclosed Cabin (Heat / AC)
Fuel tank 11 gallons
Rubber Tracks
Excavator to backhoe control pattern change valve
Back fill blade 5' 9""
Quick couplers for adding attachments
Lift Capacity: Over the side: 1412 lbs / Over the front: 3453 lbs * Disclaimer Needed: All lift capacitioes are based on ISO 10567.
Lifing measurments from center of arm to bucket pin with 400mm 16"" Track shoe and blade on ground situated on firm level uniform supporting surfase.
Total load includes weight of cables, hooks, etc. Figures do not exceed 87% of hydraulic capcities or 75% of weight needed to tip machine.

Buckets Available (1 with standard rental fees, additional charge for additional bucket)
John Deere 42" Muck Bucket
John Deere 24" Dig Bucket

Delivery options may be available.


Daily: $295.00

Weekly: $1,475.00

Monthly: $5,900.00


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