Spectra Precision Rotary Laser and Receiver

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Product Description

The Spectra Precision GL422N is a dual grade laser that also offers long-range operation in addition to its grade range up to 15%. Operate the laser using longer range remote controls. With a radio remote operating at a range up to 330 feet (100 meters) you have the ability to make grade changes and to make them remotely, which can significantly reduce setup time. The GL422N laser can withstand drops of up to one meter (three feet) onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to 1.5 meters (five feet). This strength, combined with full weatherproofing and dustproofing, reduces downtime and lowers repair costs over the life of the product. Pairing the GL422N with the HL760 or CR700 receiver provides even greater functionality with the automatic Grade Match and PlaneLok features.

The Spectra Precision HL760 Digital Readout Receivers is a highly versatile laser receiver for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications. It is designed for general, concrete and site preparation contractors. With “light bar” technology, laser detection resolution is nearly infinite allowing greater accuracy and consistency. Fewer electronic components and connections are used. So “light bar” based products result in a more robust product. Why use a receiver? Laser levels produce a plane of light that is used as a fixed reference. The reference is used over distance to calculate differences in horizontal elevation, or for grade control or for vertical alignment. The receiver detects the laser beam and provides indication when it is in an on-grade position.

Also available for rent. Contact Jacob at (509) 992-3891